Matt.  15: 23.  SILENCE IS NOT DENIAL. Jesus  as The King of our Soul is ever  quick to hear every request made to Him by a sufferer. His heart is always very sensitive  as  is a mother’s heart to her childrens’ cries, and instantly responds to every petition for help. He listens to our pitious pleading but may not answer a word. Not that He cannot help because His hands  are not weak. When He is silent, He is probably  preparing us to receive in the end a better blessing than we could have received at the beginning. To the request of this woman, Jesus did not  answer a word. His silence was not a refusal. By no means, oftentimes, at least, it is meant only to make the supplicants more earnest, and to prepare their hearts to receive richer and greater blessings. So, when Christ is silent to our prayers, it is that we may be brought down in deeper humility at His feet, and that our hearts may be made more fit to receive Heaven’s Gifts and Blessings. Patience is the Answer. King hears silently and responses wisely when his time comes.

Rector, Gateway Bible College

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