Practical Mentoring Program for Upcoming Gospel Music Ministers.

Practical Mentoring Program for Upcoming Gospel Music Ministers.

St. Joseph’s Chosen Church Unveils Maiden Edition of Practical Mentoring Program for Upcoming Gospel Music Ministers.

The National Music Ministry, St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God is set to unveil the maiden edition of “Mentoring Program for Upcoming Gospel Music Ministers”.

This maiden edition is captioned: “SJCCG Choir: One-on-One with Eben”. It holds on Saturday June 26, 2021 at The Glass House, St Joseph’s Chosen Church of God, Osapa London Branch, Lekki, Lagos.

No doubt, this inspirational program is very timely at this time in our history, as we strive to make God the very anchor of our lives and our nation, Nigeria.

The gospel music ministers, more than ever before have a big role to play in drawing down the presence of our great God. As the scriptures say in Psalm 22:3, “God inhabits the praises of His people”. Well delivered melody of praise and worship is always a sweet smelling savour that easily attracts the attention of our God, and spurs Him to wrought great and mighty miracles, as we saw in the Bible with Paul and Silas’ deliverance from incarceration and the falling down of the wall of Jericho.

Today, there are several misconceptions about the gospel music ministry, with more and more talented gospel singers abandoning their ‘calling’ and choosing to go circular in the bid to ‘breakthrough’ in their music career. This program would endeavor to change this growing mindset by giving upcoming music ministers the opportunity to hear and learn from a successful and outstanding international music minister like Eben.

As part of his personal commitment to the propagation of the gospel through the music ministry, Eben is through this special program ‘giving back’, by working with up and coming gospel ministers to train them, groom them and mentor them by sharing his experiences in the gospel music ministry, providing guidance and exposing participants to deeper insights into the intricacies and opportunities that exist in this Ministry.

The program is designed to give answers to puzzles such as “what are the opportunities in this divinely ordained ministry that is so important to our God? What are the success factors? What are the key huddles and challenges? How do you break through to the limelight? What roles do personal attitude, faith, convictions and spirituality play in achieving success in this ministry? What advice does the mentoring gospel music minister have for upcoming gospel music ministers?” And much more!

Date: Saturday June 26, 2021
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Venue: The Glass House, St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God International, 18, St. Joseph’s Road, Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos.

If you are an upcoming gospel music minister, with a passion to win souls for the Kingdom of God through this special ministry, then we invite you to join us, and hear and learn from this seasoned minister of God, EBEN!

This inspirational program will be followed on Sunday June 27, 2021 by a praise and worship service by the Chosen Generation Choir (Osapa London Branch), in collaboration with the finalists of the recent ‘St. Joseph’s Got Talent’ show. The special praise and worship Sunday Service program is titled: “I can’t Keep Quiet”, and holds from 9am to 12pm.

God bless you.

St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God, National Music Ministry.


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