ST. JOSEPH’S CHOSEN CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL Headquarters Zonal Women Convention 2018, held at Ehaekpan Branch 30th August – 2ND September2018. Central Theme: Total Salvation

Minister: Princess Emmanuel (Mrs.)

Topic: Repentance

Bible Text: (Isaiah 55:7; Luke 15:7; II Peter 3:9)


This topic is the most important and central in the gospel of salvation. It was preached by John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus and the disciples (Matthew 3: 1 – 2; Mark 6: 12; Acts 2:38). It is a divine call that must be answered by everyone as Adam was called (Genesis 3:

This lesson shall be considered under five (5) sub – headings;

l. What is repentance?

  1. Why must we repent?
  2. How shall we repent?
  3. Who should repent?
  4. Necessity /Result of repentance

1.            What is Repentance?

It simply means to have genuine and deep feeling of sorrow for the sins committed against God and fellow human beings. It is forsaking and renouncing every form of sin, and a humble surrender to the will and service of God. It is a decisive positive change of mind and attitude toward God and His ways. It is turning away from sinfulness to righteousness. Repentance is the beginning point of the Christian life and walk.

Note: Regular church attendance, changing from one church to another, giving of arms, being morally good, deeply religious, putting on religious garb, occupying positions with titles can be very possible yet without genuine repentance. True repentance implies turning away from sinful habits, practices and fleshly/worldly pleasures to a life of holiness and righteousness.

2. Why Must We Repent?

Repentance is a command from God (Act 17:30; Ezekiel 18:30 – 32) If any one fails to repent in the day of grace in which we are now, he must repent in the Day of Judgment. We must repent to escape the wrath and judgment of God (Luke 13:3).


3. Who Should Repent?

(a) Sinners: Everyone born of woman is born with natural tendency to disobey or sin against God. All are guilty before God as sinners (Romans 3: 12). A repentant sinner can be justified by grace (Romans 3:24).

(b) Backsliders: Every backslidden Christian should equally repent for forgetting and forsaking God after knowing His ways of truth. All sinning church goers, church bench warmers, unbelieving believers in the church as well as backslidden, hypocritical and lukewarm believers should repent today.

4. How Should We Repent?

Practically, your will power must be involved, you must come to yourself like the prodigal son, acknowledge your sinfulness, unworthiness, helplessness and hopelessness of your heart condition (Luke 15: 18 – 20). Then go to God in prayer with a contrite and broken heart, there should be thorough and genuine confession of every known sin you mean to forsake, cry to God for mercy and forgiveness. Express your readiness and willingness of mind to obey God the rest of your lifetime.

5. Necessity /Results of True Repentance

Heaven rejoices over a repentant sinner (Luke 10:7 & 10) who now obtains forgiveness and becomes eligible to receive free offer of salvation on the basis of his faith Christ’s atoning blood on the cross (Hebrews 9:22; Romans 3:24). True repentance guarantees peace and reconciliation between man and God.

  • True repentance open doors for Jesus to come into our hearts
  • True repentance’ is the only means to establish living relationship with God .
  • Without true repentance there is no forgiveness and without forgiveness no salvation.
  • Repentance is man’s part to play in God’s plan of salvation.


Total salvation has been ordained for all and sundry on the condition of genuine repentance from all practical sins. Repent therefore and be saved.

Let Us Pray.


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