St. Joseph’s Chiosen Church of God –The Gateway to Heaven-is a Bible Believing Spiritual Church established by God Himself through His Servant, late Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku and governed by Spiritual Revelations through the dictates of the Holy Spirit of God who is the Executive Head of the Church and directs, guides, teaches and leads the Church such that members worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Jehovah, God Almighty, through the Holy Spirit makes known His Will to His Ministers and to the Church using His Instruments-the Prophets, Prophetesses, Visioners and Dreamers authenticated on the infallible Word of God. The Church has the Holy Bible and her Rules and Conduct as Guides. Click the image to listen to our official anthem.

[vc_headings style=”theme2″ borderwidth=”1px” borderclr=”#fcfcfc” title=”VISION” titleclr=”#fcfcfc”]Promoting Christianity,establishing churches according to the new testament gospel, ensuring oneness with Jesus Christ, now and eternal, by all sons and daughters, loving one another[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings style=”theme2″ borderwidth=”1px” borderclr=”#fcfcfc” title=”MISSION” titleclr=”#fcfcfc”]To provide spiritual values and pursue salvation for humanity through the instruments of preaching, teaching and the practice of divine healing and living in divine health, coupled with the manifestation of the power of the holy ghost. In addition, to provide a platform for humanitarian gestures while preparing unblemished brides for the gateway to heaven as we await the glorious appearing of our lord, Jesus Christ[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings style=”theme2″ borderwidth=”1px” borderclr=”#fcfcfc” align=”left” title=”CORE VALUE” titleclr=”#fcfcfc”]To Continue the Three Main Works of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, viz:

  • Preaching the Gospel
  • Teaching
  • Healing

For Regeneration, Reformation and Reconciliation of sinners to God through Christ Jesus[/vc_headings]


The Church was founded by Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku, of blessed memory. He was born on 16th July 1913, in Abala Quarters, Ogbuebulle Village, Oboro District, Ikwuano Local Government area, Umuahia, Imo State, now Abia State. On 17th July 1937, he received his call into the Ministry while he was a labourer in the field of Agriculture at Nkwere, near Onitsha. God spoke to him there that he was ‘a thing the whole world desire to see’; and he saw this inscription in a dream written in Ibo Language on the Sky. At Ajagbodudu in 1942, he was employed as a head labourer in Cowan Estate Palm plantation. While working in the field, the Holy Spirit came upon him in 1945 and he fell on the ground. Power was given to him to start doing the work of God. He then resigned and took up Professional photography, to enable him get enough time and money for the work of God. In 1946, he built his first Church at Ajagbodudu and called it St. Joseph Apostolic Church. Here also he received the revelation, which led him to compile the Immutable Rules and Conduct, now known as The Rules and Conduct of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God. In 1947, the revelation of The Box of Covenant was received also at Cowan Estate, Ajagbodudu.

The Construction and Consecration of The Box of Covenant were also done at Ajagbodudu. The Box of Covenant was to be a token witness to his call and an agreement between him (Ikechiuku) and God. In 1949, he established branches of the Church at Urhuovie, Urhuoka and Oria all in Abraka. On 12th May 1950, Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku established the Church in Benin City. The then Oba of Benin, Oba Akenzua II and his Chiefs, on 14th May, 1950, gave him audience and granted him the permission to build a Branch of the Church in Benin City. In 1952, approval was given to him to purchase the land at the cost of £30.00 (Thirty Pounds Only), where he built the First Church at No 36 Virginia Street, Benin City. In the same year, 1952 the Holy Spirit led him to Urhuoka in Abraka where he uncovered The First Healing Water.A lot of healing miracles occurred there. The first Annual Conference of the Church was held in Benin City in 1952. A branch of St. Joseph’s Apostolic Church, as it was then called, was established at Sapele in 1953. In 1954, A Second Healing Water was Divinely Discovered inside a thick forest in Ogbeson Village, off Agbor Road, Benin City.

In the History of the Church, much importance is attached to the Year 1954, because that was the year God directed the founder to go and pray for the healing of Late Deaconess Anna Alile, the mother of the present Spiritual Leader, Apostle (Dr) Hayford Alile (OFR). The founder rode on a bicycle from Ajagbodudu to Benin City, a distance of 31 miles. In June 1960, the name of the Church was changed to St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God. On November 11th, 1964, St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God was registered under the Land Perpetual Succession Act, with Apostle J. Ikechiuku as Sole Trustee.


As the bound and afflicted were set free through the power of the Holy Spirit, so were souls drawn unto God for their salvation. As the news of the miracles spread, so grew the Church of God. It is interesting that majority of the Ministers; Caretakers in the Church, Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses have one story of a miraculous healing or the other to tell. Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku was called at about the same time with two other prominent men of God and they were doing similar works. They were Apostle Joseph Babalola of the Apostolic Church, and Pastor Joseph Akindoyemi of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In about twenty years, between 1946 when Apostle J. Ikechiuku built his first Church at Ajagbodudu to 1966, the eve of the Civil War, the Church grew astronomically.

At that time, there were a total of One Hundred and Fifteen (115) Churches or Stations having not less than thirty-four thousand (34,000) members throughout the Country. In the then Mid-Western Region alone, there were sixty-five Stations divided into eight districts. In terms of personnel, there were about that time six staff (ordained) Pastors, fourteen un-ordained Pastors and thirty-five Teachers, all trained by the Elect of God, Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku. The Church has over 175(One Hundred and Seventy-five) Branches in Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, Italy, France and United State of America(USA).Apostle (Dr) Wilfred  Omorogie is currently the Spiritual Leader of the Church since 2018..