…Go Ye into the World and Preach the Gospel… (Mark 16:15)

Evangelism is one of the core purposes of birthing of the Church. This Ministry oversees the Church’s machinery in meeting the demands of the great commission of winning of souls for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15).Guided and directed by the Holy Spirit, the Evangelical Ministry, among other mandates, organizes Crusades, Open Air Preaching and Outreaches as well as prints and distributes Tracts, all geared towards winning souls for Jesus Christ. The Outreach group in the Ministry sees to the follow up of new converts, visits the Sick, the Prisons and others in need ,for the same purpose of expressing Jesus Christ love to them and winning their Souls over to our Lord and Savoiur.

The Evangelism Ministry has been established since the inception of St Joseph`s Chosen Church of God and other responsibilities and tasks of the Evangelical Ministry which are aimed at deepening the congregation`s commitment to the Mission include:

Promoting evangelism as a core value of the Church.

Envisioning what is God’s will for the Church Evangelism and setting goals that are consistent with the vision of the Church.
Developing a plan for an overall evangelism strategy and systems that reaches out to people, welcome them into the congregation, relates them to God and equips and empowers them for Ministry.
To setting up of Evangelism Teams with those assigned to work within the Ministry ,guiding the work of the teams, helping them work from a Biblical and Theological Foundation, planning agendas, presiding over meetings and representing the ministry of evangelism in meetings of the Church and at Conferences
Working with the Pastors Team and other Church Leaders in accessing our congregations goals and measures pertaining evangelism and attendance trends, as well as the way new people are received into the congregation and empowered for Ministry.
The Achievements of the Evangelistic Ministry include:

Organisation of Training Programmes to enhance Ministers, Officers and Members of the Church for growth
Organisation of the First National Evangelism workshop
Sensitizing Branches on why we need to go for soul winning
Printing of Tracts
Organisation of Crusades across all Regions of the Church.
Organization of annual Independence Day outreach Programme.

In Line with the dynamism of Evangelism in the present information driven world, the Evangelical Ministry proactively strategizes:

To support our Regions, to build effective evangelism team
To support the training officers and members on the act of soul winning and core volume of a healthy church through foundation class.
To mobilized all members to make their calling and election sure through active participation in soul winning
To support house fellowship growth and replications with follow-up strategies
To reach out to city countries, towns and villages with the gospel of Christ.
To support regions to establish new branches and consolidate on existing ones.
To partner with all Ministries of the church for effective results
To aggressively pursue E-evangelism to win the Cyber World for Jesus Christ.
Ultimately, these strategies ultimately culminate in keying into the New Cycle of Growth Vision of the Church through the organization of sensitization Programmes across the Regions of the Church on the new circle of growth slated for August in the Year.

The Head of The Evangelical Ministry is Apostle Solomon Nosa Obasuyi , a man of God anointed with special and uncommon Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to win Souls for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He Leads the Teams of equally anointed Men of God , which include Pastor Paul Osagiede,Pastor Victor Ekechukwu, Pastor Abraham Okevwie ,Pastor Christian Ayinwe and host of others, to ensure the continuous realization of the great Commission Mandate in St Joseph`s Chosen Church of God

To contact the Evangelical Ministry, Please call +234(0)8033070454,+234(0)8052164941, +234(0)08115061276.