Daily Nourishment – The Traitor 1

The Traitor 1: John 18:2,3. Every new line in the story of a traitor shows new blackness in the heart of Judas. He went out from the supper table and hastened to the table of the enemies of his master, The priests, He made sure his Master was at the place He would be found because he knew where Jesus would be found at each time of the day. He went straight to Him with a deceitful kiss, and kissed Him over and over pretentimg to have loved Him more than his fellow disciples. Treason grows in the heart of Judas as well as other people including ministers in the church and those you have as supper friends, beginning in the greed for money, position, growing into theft and falseness of life, ending at last in the blackest crime in the world. Lesson here is that we should begin now to watch the beginnings of evil in our hearts!  Since Judas perished with his deceitful money gains so shall it be on anyone who deceives to have what he wants.  To be concluded.

By Apostle Joseph Jacobson
Rector, Gateway Bible College

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