This Noble Department of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God was established in 1998 by the Spiritual Leader of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God, Apostle H.I Alile OFR, NPOM; and Apostle Jacobson Joseph Amaefula was appointed the Chairman.

The purpose was to retrieve, duplicate, and save for record, and research all documents covering the establishment of the Church by the late founder, Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku Anyanwu 1913-1998 as well as Visions, Prophecies and Miracles that occurred during that era to the present day affairs of the Church. This arm of the Church ensures that the Chronicles of the Lives and times of the Founder and First Spiritual Leader of the Church, Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku Anyanwu, of blessed memory are kept as well ensures that the Church History are kept in tact

In line with this mandate, ARM Department records and keeps safe all activities of the Current Spiritual Leader, Apostle Hayford .I. Alile,(OFR,NPOM) from 1998 till date and beyond.

ARM also ensures that all the present day programmes and activities of the Church are recorded and kept safe for effective references now and beyond.

ARM oversees the production of Documentaries on the Church. This mandate ultimately culminated in the production of the First Video Documentary of the establishment of the Church from 1937, till date and the prepress so far by the current Spiritual Leader has been concluded and is now on sales.

This Department is also in charge of reviewing and revising all the written books both finished and unfinished work of the late Founder, Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku.

ARM Department also keeps and maintains records of recruiting and promotion of all Ministers and other Church appointments.

To contact the Archives and Records Management (ARM) Department, Please call +234(0)8033275149,