The core mandate is to create a platform relating to the public so as to achieve a favourable impression of our Church.

In doing this, the Ministry employs the most accessible promotional tools available in the church. This will create a positive perception of the Church in the Community, provides a critical foundation for all other Communication, Outreach and Evangelistic efforts.

So, it behooves on the key players to strategically create, execute and manage a marketing Campaign to highlight the mission of the Church, as well as incorporate the operational Components that speak to those we serve and how.

The Ministry prepares and approves all marketing materials for communicating the Church’s programmes. This Ministry is also poised to create a window to serve as resource for the Pastors, support staff and all the local Branches of the Church.

The cardinal objective of the Church is to preach the word of God and win souls. The Public Relations Ministry comes as a veritable tool to create a data base of members and contacts that the Church will need to build on Outreach File to be sure that the packets of materials sent out reached the target audience.

We believe that the Public Relations Ministry is not a “front” operation; it is not a cloak that can be put on to make an occasional good appearance. It is a part and parcel of what we actually are and how we relate ourselves to the people around us.

When these relationships are cordial, when we are known and respected as a constructive element in our Communities, we may then speak as to brethren, not as an alien force attacking accepted Community patterns of living.

The Public Relation Ministry will continually devise effective plans for welcoming visitors to our Church or new comers to our Church neighbourhood. Because we believe the work of Public Relations, which is the work of the Church as a whole, is vital. Then, in preparing the way to our grand objective – actually reaching the minds of men in a persuasive, convincing manner.

This Ministry is the go-in-between the Church and all the media outfit in the Community, be it print or electronic media.

The Departments of the Ministry.

The Ministry is made up of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT ) Department and the Audio Visual Department:

The ICT Department: This Department has the sole responsibility to manage the Church Website and resources; to source and upload content; to update content and maintain the standard of the quality of the content. The ICT Department creates and maintains the Church`s Points of Presence on the Cyber Space and ensures that the Church presence is felt in all the social media platforms, The ICT Department is responsive to all the Church contacts in the Cyber space, creating a good relationship with them. The ICT Department also has the responsibility of marketing, advertising and publicizing the Church and her Programmes, Products and Services on the Cyber media via online adverts on Social Media Platforms. The ICT Department further oversees the Church`s acquisition and use of Technology to drive her operations as well as maintains and supports the acquired technologies for effective operations.

Audio/Visual Department: This Department takes charge of the sound and visual equipment of the Church. Ensuring that all sound and visual equipment are working properly on every worship programmes, as well as produce and sell messages preached in the Church and messages from anointed men of God.The Audio/Visual Department ensures that contents are generated for effective use by the Ministry.

The Public Relations Ministry is headed by Elder Cyril Ikhuoria Aidebama while Pastor Boniface Abakporo is in charge of the ICT Department.

In chronological order those that have been heads of the Ministry to date include:

The pioneer head of the Ministry was Late Pastor Sabastine Offurum followed by Apostle Solomon Obasuyi who handed over to Staff Pastor Kennedy Chukwuma and succeeded by Staff Pastor Eloho Excellence Eniwore on Acting capacity for four years, as at the time, Elder Cyril Aidebama acted as the Secretary of the Ministry under him. Elder Cyril Aidebama became the head of the Ministry in February 2018.

To contact the Public Relation Ministry, Please call +234(0)8023430917, +234(0)8033406436