Welcome to The National Women Fellowship (NWF) of St Joseph’s Chosen Church of God

The Umbrella Fellowship in charge of the affairs of the mature female members in the Church where there is Progress in all Fronts! The NWF was formally inaugurated by the Church Leadership on 4th May 1985 and repositioned in March 1997 with the clear mandate to raise viable, proactive, well-informed and Progressive Women that Fear The Lord (Prov.31:30) who will continuously be a Godly and veritable force of Progress in the overall affairs of the Church and in the larger Society. This mandate informed the aims and objectives of the National Women fellowship which are: Soul winning; Welfare of members; Prayers/Intercessions/Evangelism; Counseling; Teaching; Reaching out to orphans and the less privileged and Education – Scholarship Schemes.

The National Women Fellowship runs on a well defined, effective, flexible and democratic administrative structure setup from National to Branch Levels. This starts with the Elected National Executives (NE) down to the Zonal Leaders (ZL), all working together in taking the Women Fellowship to greater heights and to ensure there is functional Women Fellowship in their various Branches, so as to effectively implement the decisions reached by the National Authority of the Women Fellowship at grassroots levels. The National Executive reports to the National President, who is the interface between the Women Fellowship and the Church. These Elected Officials run the affairs of the Women Fellowship at the Regional, Zonal and Branch levels. They are given flexibility in operations such that the Mother of Church or whoever she nominates heads the Branch Women Fellowship while Zonal Leaders selected by the Women in each Zone are confirmed by the President to lead the Women in the Zones.


  •   In keeping with the mandate of ensuring that the Women continue to be active, positive, and progressive force in the Church and beyond, The National Women Fellowship engages in the following Activities, viz:
  • Organizing and hosting of The Annual National Women Fellowship Convention and General Meetings in the month of October, where the issues affecting the Fellowship and The Church are deliberated as well how to move the Fellowship forward from Glory to Glory.
  • Organizing and hosting of Regional and Zonal Conventions, and General Meetings to continuously engage the Women at the grassroots levels.
  • Organizing and hosting of The Annual National Women Fellowship Thanksgiving Service on 1st Sunday of February every year (at Zonal levels) cross all Regions of the Church.
  • Organizing and hosting of The annual Mother`s Day Celebrations which holds at approved dates in line with the Church National calendar (at Branch levels) across all the regions of the Church.
  •  Organizing and hosting of The Annual Mothers-of-Churches/Deputies and Fathers of Churches’ Wives Meetings, in the month of March every year at National level and more regularly at Zonal and Branch levels.
  •   Organizing and hosting of The Annual Ministers’ Wives/Female Ministers Meetings held in the month of July every year at the National level and more regular meetings are held at Zonal and Branch levels.
  •  Organizing and hosting of Evangelism and Prayer Intercessions, which are the core tenets of her mandate, at all meetings and programs of the Fellowship
  •  Organizing and hosting of Seminars for Spirit Filled Workers during National Conventions.

National Conventions.

technologies for effective operations.


Among the key achievements of the National Women Fellowship include:

  •  The establishment of the NWF Scholarship Scheme which has enabled the NWF to grant scholarships to many Children of dedicated members in all Zones across the Regions of the Church;
  •  The Setting up of the NWF Welfare Package Scheme -the platform NWF uses to show appreciation to aged and faithful members of the Church in all the Zones since 2015;
  •  Engagement and support in equipping the Church Maternities especially at venues hosting the NWF Conventions.
  •  Identification with all Church National Programmes and activities which culminated in the donation of N1, 200,000 by the NWF to support the 2017 Church 58th Biennial Conference /70th anniversary Celebrations
  •  The establishment of Celebration The NWF annual of Mothers’ Day in all branches of the Church.

As a dynamic and progressive Fellowship, the NWF is always evolving new ways to add value to the members, the Church, the Society and to her operations. To this effect NWF has set up modalities to build a Civic Center on the NWF land in Benin City, Edo State as part of the NWF Plans for the year.

The NWF is blessed with a robust Leadership to pilot the affairs. The President of NWF is Apostle Dr.(Mrs) Pat N. Alile (JP). She is a Holy Spirit filled Prophetess of the Most High God, a caring and loving Mother and a talented grass-root mobilizer per excellence with uncommon Godly leadership grace. Through her able and dynamic leadership in the past 21 years, with a crop of dedicated Executives, the Fellowship has made giant strides in the affairs of the Church all to the glory of God.

Thank you and God bless you as we once again welcome you and all Women to Fellowship with us today to experience a world of Gracious Positive and Progressive Possibilities in Christ Jesus and vividly captured in our Slogan: ‘’ Women of God……Progress!’’.

For Enquiries, Please, contact the NWF President Apostle (Dr) Pat N. Alile (JP) on +234(0)8033450582 and the NWF Secretary, Staff Pastor Mercy Ikpomnwosa on +234(0)8033324284.