National Men Fellowship

Welcome to National Men Fellowship of St Joseph`s Chosen Church of God

The umbrella Fellowship of all men in the Church where there is no Limit to all achievable Possibilities!

The National Men Fellowship (NMF) of St Joseph’s Chosen Church of God was formally repositioned and inaugurated by the Church Leadership in 2014, with the clear mandate to raise viable, proactive, well-informed and non limited Men who will continuously play active roles in the affairs of the Church and in the Society. This mandate informed the aims and objectives of the Men fellowship which are: To encourage unity among the entire men of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God; To inculcate good values, discipline and sound morals into our men; To assist and support in the development and growth of the Church and to promote the well-being, progress and reputation of the members of the men fellowship and the Church.

The National Men Fellowship runs on a well defined and effective administrative structure setup from the National to Branch Levels. This starts, based on the Men Fellowship Constitution, with the elected National Executives down to the Zonal Coordinators, all working together in taking the Men Fellowship to greater heights and to ensure there are functional Men Fellowship in their various Branches, and to implement the decisions reached by the National Authority of the Men Fellowship in their various domains.

In keeping with the mandate of ensuring the Men play active roles in the Church and beyond, the National Men Fellowship organizes and hosts the Bennial National Men Fellowship Convention and General Meetings, where the issues affecting the fellowship and The Church are deliberated as well how to move the Fellowship forward from Glory to Glory. The Conventions, and general meetings, are extended to Regional and Zonal levels to keep the Men engaged. The Men Fellowship also organizes the annual National Men Fellowship Thanksgiving in the Month of March each year across all Regions of the Church .This is followed by The annual Father`s Day Celebrations every third Sunday in the month of June across all the regions of the Church.

The NMF is alive to one of her core values of empowering the Men through education. To this effect, in partnership with relevant agencies, NMF organizes Seminars, Lectures and various forms of Training for Men. The NMF believes that the Family is the First Church and that A Happy Family makes A Happy Church with the Men playing leading and active roles. This understanding propelled the NMF to introduce the Annual Marriage Summit for the married in the Church Tagged “Understanding Your Spouse” Through this medium. The NMF continues to work to encourage love and unity among the entire men in the Church. The NMF is committed to raising the banner of our beloved Church Higher and higher. This commitment gave birth to the production of first ever NMF Calendar. The exercise promises to be a continuous one. as NMF continues to work to advertise and market the Church.

NMF is a highly caring group and constantly embarks on Projects to add value, to create job opportunities and to improve the living standard of members of the Fellowship. One of such projects is the successful acquisition of two plots of Land along Sapele-Warri Road, to setup a state-of-the-art Seminal Fish Farm. This project and many others planned, when fully operational will add value to the Members, the Church and the Society at Large.

The NMF is blessed with a robust Leadership to pilot the affairs. The President of NMF is Elder (Amb) Henry Iyoha (JP). He is a widely travelled, Spiritually Gifted Technocrat and an astute manager of Men and Resources. The members of his Team include highly anointed Men of God in the persons of:-

Apostle Ezekiel Ahameule – Deputy President 1,
Pastor Audu Karem – Deputy President 2
Comrade Daniel Lumati – Secertary.

Together, with the divinely elected National Executives, The Leadership of NMF, continues to move the National Men Fellowship of St Joseph’s Chosen Church, from glory to glory as a fellowship without limits and the preferred haven for all Men in the Church with the Slogan….Men Fellowship!…..No Limit!

Thank you and God Bless you as we once again welcome you and all Men to Fellowship with us today to experience a world of Limitless Achievable Possibilities in Christ Jesus!