Marriage And Counselling Ministry



Humanity needs Godly counsel for good success in all human endeavours, be it in Family life, in Politics, Religion, Profession, Career, Education, Culture, Tradition, etc . To address this important human need, informed the establishment of the Marriage and Counseling Ministry by the Church Authorities in May 1999, as the Scripture says in Proverbs. 11:14: “where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” ,so that we don`t fall, we don’t fail, but succeed and be in safety in all our human edearvours, with emphasis on Marriage and Family, being the basic foundation of all human relationships.

Thus, the cardinal objectives of the Marriage/Counseling Ministry are to employ Godly counsels of God –The Master Counselor- to build robust , virile, Spirit-filled, love-filled and peaceful families which in turn produce Spirit-filled ,robust , virile,peaceful and loving Church. The Marriage and counseling Ministry ensures that every family enjoys the Peace of God which also spills over to the Church, for our homes serve as our first Church.

The Marriage/Counseling Ministry works to set up correct and acceptable procedures for happy marital union, to encourage matured men and women to marry in the Lord, to encourage our Youth to live lives of chastity with the fear and reverence for the holy ordinance of matrimony and to discourage immoral marriages amongst members which is the bane of the society today.

Other scopes of operation of the Marriage/Counseling Ministry include ensuring that Intending couples go through adequate marriage counseling, ensuring that sick marriages are healed through spiritual counseling and that people don’t fall, marriages don’t fail, and businesses don’t fail , etc, through Godly Counseling.

In carrying out her given mandate and to facilitate the work of the Ministry, the Marriage and Counseling Ministry produced the booklet on counseling called THE IDEAL CHRISTIAN HOME as well as introduced the Church Marriage Guideline and Application Form that intending couples fill and sign with passport Photographs attached, before counseling. In collaboration with the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Marriage/Counseling Ministry, issues authentic Wedding Certificates. The Ministry also produces and issues Marriage Blessing Certificate which is different from wedding certificate.

Through the appointment of Regional Coordinators and counselors, The Marriage and counseling Ministry, establishes points of presence, to carry out the work of the Ministry, in all Branches of the Church. The Head of the Marriage and Counseling Ministry is Apostle Samson N.Ogbu. He is a Man of God, anointed by God ,filled with The Holy Spirit and endowed with exceptional Spiritual Gift of Wisdom. He leads the Team of highly anointed and Tested Men and Women of God, to graciously execute the Mandate of the Ministry, all to the Glory of The Most High God.

The Marriage and Counseling Ministry, has achieved successes in the areas of healing and restoration of many sick marriages through spiritual counseling and successfully dealing with illicit marriages and cases of divorce in the Church.

You are welcome to The Marriage and Counseling Ministry ever positioned to help you and to guide you in that life Endeavour, especially on marriage, Through Spiritual Counsel.

For enquiries, please contact, Marriage and Counseling Ministry on +2348036717494

Thank you and God bless you!