Apostle Dr. Wilfred Omorogie

Looking at a king’s mouth, you would think he never sucked his mother’s breast”. This antiquity status fast gaining proverb made popular by the world renowned and celebrated novelist and playwright, Chinua Achebe, author of the universally acclaimed and eternal Monument, THINGS FALL APART, best  captures the modest beginning  of the subject of this story.

Apostle (Dr) Wilfred Uyiekpen Omoregie, JP was born on the 13th day of March, 1945 into the Royal family of HRH Aghahouwa Omoregie and Mrs Elizabeth Omeregie (Nee Obauyiedo Obasike), both of whom are now late, of Evboligun village, Ikpoba Okha L.G.A. of Edo State. He is the third and eldest male child of their Nine children.

Apostle Omoregie had a very humble and rough background while growing up. Upon losing his father at the age of 12 while he was in Primary six, life became a torrid affair leaving him vulnerable to vagaries of various sorts,  which thankfully, he found grace to skillfully navigate and surmount. Education, for starters, did not come on a platter of Gold for him. He attended St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Benin City, Edo State from 1951 – 1957 where he completed and obtained his Primary School Testimonial and then proceeded to St. Patrick’s College Ogwashi-Ukwu, a boarding School, from 1958 – 1963 and obtained his Secondary School Leaving Certificate.  Young as he was, he had to surmount all odds to make it through Secondary School including selling food items for his late mum to support his education whenever he was on holidays as well as cater to the general needs of his siblings.

Apostle Omoregie grew up a strong and hardworking man and because of his passion for hardwork; he secured an employment with Government Forestry Department in Benin where he worked from 1964 through 1971 as an Assistant Manager. He joined the Ministry of Agriculture where he worked in Rubber Research Institute, Iyanomo in 1972 – 1977; he was then transferred to the Ministry of Works from 1978 to 1981. On coming of age, he fully took over his father’s throne as the Enogie (Duke) of Evboligun village, a traditional stool in Benin Kingdom. He has single handedly brought development to his Community, which include the introduction of power supply to the entire Community. After a short while on the throne of his fathers as the Enogie, he began experiencing numerous attacks both physical and spiritual from different directions which led to quests for protection to fortify himself against them.


In 1985 Apostle Omoregie was so seriously sick that Hospitals had rejected him. All hope seemed lost as he was troubled on every side.  While he was in his sick bed one day, a family friend came by and took him to Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku, the founder and then Spiritual Leader of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God, of the blessed memory. Apostle Ikechiuku prayed for him and introduced him to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and he was healed instantly. As a result of that miraculous intervention, Apostle Omoregie gave his life to Jesus Christ and became born again. That same year in 1985, he was baptized by Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku. He later surrendered all his idols to the Church of God and they were all burnt to ashes.


In 1986, Apostle Omoregie joined the Council of Elders in the Orobosa Branch of St Joseph’s Chosen Church of God. By the grace of God, he was later elected among the six Senior Apostles of Jesus Christ amongst whom were Apostle H. I. Alile, Apostle E.U. Konyeshi, Apostle C.S. Onyeador, Apostle S.O. Ozuzu AND Apostle John Etim Umoh at the Ugbeze Conference in 1990 by the Founder and Spiritual Leader of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God, Apostle Joseph Ikechiuku, because of his devotion and dedication to God and His Church.

Apostle Omoregie has served God with his whole heart and his resources, showing commitment and devotion to his calling, working in God’s vineyard as an Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ for the past 28 years. He has neither backslid nor left the Church. He is a devoted family man, married to his wife Mrs. Mariana Omoregie (Nee Igbinovia).  He is blessed with children and grand children and currently he is the Spiritual Leader of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God.


Before his ascension to the leadership of the Church, he was Leader of the Prayer Band Ministry of the Church. The discharge of this office saw him travel the length and breathe of the Church from one Branch to another with his team of Prayer Warriors, together with whom he prayed for the infirmed and troubled people who thronged the various centres where the team held deliverance sessions. The Almighty God, to the glory of His name, bore them witness with signs, wonders and the deliverance of those oppressed and shackled by the enemy irrespective of whether or not they were members of the Church or Christians at all.


Until his coming to the exalted office of the Spiritual Leader, Apostle Omoregie sustained the voice of the Church on Radio, a function which he took over from his name sake, Apostle Wilfred Agbontaen of the blessed memory, and in the process bringing many to the knowledge of the kingdom of God, and helping to sustain in The Faith, countless adherents who are at one time or the other found themselves at precipitous junctures and cross roads in their race on the Highway of Salvation.


Apostle Omoregie has also served in other capacities. He has at various times been Zonal Supervisor of Edo and Delta States. And when the Zone was later dichotomized into two standing entities, he would serve as Supervisor of Edo, from where he would later be posted to the Headquarters. He alternated between these on more than one occasion.

In the month of April 2016, Apostle Omoregie took ill. Not a few feared for the worse. But to God be the Glory, he has not only survived, he has assailed the challenge and climbed the last rung on the ladder to the apogee of the leadership of the Church.